Homemade Games, Fresh From The Oven

Here is a chronological list (newest first) of the more significant games I have released under the Eweguo label. It's an unholy mix of mobile, console and retro platform titles. Don't expect Candy Crush quality; I'm just one person.

Spree is a horribly tasteless game, inspired by the shooting incident on the set of the movie Rust, the media coverage and its (lack of) repercussions. It felt like a good beginner's project for learning the similarly named programming language Rust. Web version here, which may not work in all browsers.
Inbread is now available for the Commodore 64 through Psytronik Software as a free download. For those who are interested, the porting process was documented in a developer diary that will be published in the magazine FREEZE64.
Iceblox Plus is basically a simplified version of the arcade game Pengo, with a semi-3D perspective. This latest release is for the Atari ST line of computers. If you have an emulator (for example Hatari) or a way to transfer the files to a real device, you can get the program and source code here.
Scuttlebutt ... oh, where to begin? This is a terrible idea taken too far. Definitely not for the squeamish. In fact, anyone with an ounce of good taste should probably avoid it. But if you insist, the background story and program files for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 can be found here.
Stratosphere is played entirely with the phone's accelerometer. It was intended to replicate the feeling of bouncing and rolling a ball on a table tennis racket. Although the game falls a little short of that, it's a fairly novel concept. Available for iOS and Android.
I previously ported Iceblox Plus to the popular Commodore 64. Its layout is identical to that of the later Atari ST version. The program file (which you will need to run in an emulator, like VICE) can be downloaded here.
Don's Dugout is my first TvOS game. It was ported from a Java version that was originally inspired by the classic arcade game Dig Dug. For those who are interested I roughly describe the development process in a series of YouTube videos.
Psychophant was my main entry in a development competition for the Defold game engine. (It didn't win.) Control a raging pink elephant and try to cause as much damage as possible. Plenty of blood and gore, for iOS and Android. You can also try it in your browser here.
Inbread is an attempt at re-imagining the arcade game Burger Time for touch screens. Make sandwiches by tapping on ingredients that move around on conveyor belts. Available for iOS and Android. You can also try it in your browser here.
Permuto was a rejected idea I came up with for a business partner and which I decided to develop on my own. Reach a flag within a given time limit by solving a series of anagrams. Available for iOS and Android. You can also try it in your browser here.
Rail Shuffle is a puzzle game where you re-arrange pieces of a railroad track to make one or more mining carts pick up bags of gold. It was originally written for iOS and later ported to Android. You can also try it in your browser here.